Calm My Storm (Part 3)

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“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.” ~ Arthur Conan Doyle  

Follow the journey of mystery, passion and everything in between.

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I grabbed the towel beside me as I searched for the time. I met Frankie walking up and down. He was a bit restless.

“What are you looking for? What is bothering you?” I asked

“I am just overthinking. Planning my day that’s all.” Frankie replied with a smirk on his face

“Your smile is kinda weird, it looks like your twitching.”

“Haha. You are a funny lady aren’t you?” He laughed nervously

“I didn’t think that I was a comedian.”

“Anyways, where can I find the cleaning supplies?”

“It depends on what you need them for.”

“Just the van. My friend dropped it off. He borrowed it last night and it stinks. I wonder what sort of people he was hanging out with.”

“You can take them from the garage. There is a hose there if you need water.”

“Perfect. Thanks, hun.” He gave me a kiss on my right cheek as he walked downstairs

I returned to dry myself. After I was dressed up, I looked out the window to take a peek on that Frankie was doing. It appears to be a substance with blackcurrant colour carried by water.

I heard Frankie on the phone. His tongue ran effortlessly as he spoke with anger. The stains of blackcurrant were printed on his hands. I wanted to kiss him goodbye before my departure. Our eyes did not meet. I wasn’t present with him. Neither he was with me. 



Calm My Storm Part 4


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