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“War does not determine who is right – only who is left.” ~ Bertrand Russell

I am yet to understand the reason for the war in Syria. The news has described it as two sides fighting for territory and control. Then how in the world does Russia and the USA decide peace. Do they have a hand in this? Is there an underlying truth that is silenced by other noisy news and entertainment. Are facts withheld to manipulate our reasoning?

And then there are those that justify their suffering, simply because they live in another part of the world, or have a different belief system, or don’t see the value of the innocent souls.


This piece is dedicated to individuals like those in Syria and other parts of the world with political unrest. Being caught in the middle of wars, living with fear, fleeing your home, and being a product of hate and greed.

This is taken from the view of a Syrian child caught in the middle of the battlefield.



A word that is accompanied

With my activities

Every day I am reminded

Today might be my last


The air is filled with dust

Particles that kiss my cheeks

And clothe me

Yet cuts my lungs dry

Emptying its harness with blood



Curled within my breath

Living has become a burden

As my heart beats like a drum

Every time I hear



As the noise scatter in the distance

Another one slain

Another one retaliate

Another in pain



Painted on the walls

Never imagined

How colourful

Sorrow can be


I heard the big men say

That this is temporary

Endless discussions

Vain words

To wipe away this tears


They want us dead

They devour us

Ruthless beings

Heart cold

Tapping into everything left


The dagger has pierced

And as I fall down

I can see mama running

Will she come before I breathe my last?

Or will I meet papa again?



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