Feeble Strength

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“There’s a lesson in every silence” ~ Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel

The news has been stirred by the horrific Hurricane Mathew. For people that are not aware, it is a tropical cyclone, creating strong winds that rotate very quickly in a circular motion. The impact is noticed in parts of Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. It is predicted to also affect eastern parts of the United States. With the warning signs, authorities pleaded for people to evacuate their homes, so you can imagine thousands of people rumbling to move inland. However, some individuals stayed behind, mostly people living in poorer regions. I am not sure of their reasons, whether naive, or ignorance, or selfish. But, what I do know is that as humans they have the right to life.



This piece is dedicated to those that have been affected directly or indirectly by the hurricane storms. We pray for safety. We pray for restoration.


The wall began closing in

Collapsed in this strange world

Built to withstand

Yet to adapt


The rivers are thrusting in

Shallow waters rising

My skin is moist

As I flee to shelter


The winds carried me sail

As my heart began beating

Worried about my fate

If tomorrow will be promised


It’s cold

I’m cold

My skin has formed scales

As I try to keep warm


I am angered by my very existence

A life placed between the waters

I wish to move

I wish to leave


Soil is limited

Few will grow

Others will be pushed back

To a destination afar


Misplaced by my being

I can only stay afloat

A few minutes

A few seconds


As my body begins to weaken

My vision blurs

My head is drawn to gravity

Reaching out to the sea bed


Before I get to kiss the skirts of the ocean

Before my last breath

I can see a stranger

Holding me tight

Please don’t let go



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