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I have not been in my best in the terms of health. I have been experiencing sore throat, headaches, fatigue. So I spend most of my time drinking colourful liquids and sleeping. I remember the artist, Frida Kahlo and how she produced a lot of her arts while bed-ridden. Not saying, that I am going to be like this all through this week. Although it is stressful to just be sleeping while work is piling, I learnt to surrender. My focus is getting better, and not worrying about my page. I know I am working towards having content readily available so that when unplanned events such as illness decide to drop in, I won’t have a backlog on my to-do list. So this piece is short. And it is basically creating art in the time of chaos.


Life has its way of teaching you the power of grace. Rest upon your lowly head on my shoulder and learn to pray. Look at me, helpless, what more can I say? What more can I do with this thing called life? The only energy I have is to sleep. But I do not wake up rested. I turn in turmoil. As pain ignites in my dreams. My body is working against me. My eyes are heavy with sorrow. I can’t cry. I am tired of the tears that flow like rivers and press upon my chest. The warm crystals remind me of how I am still here. Why am I still here? Will I pray for a saviour? Who will save me? No one is going to call you. No one is going to search for you. Listen to the noise of silence. I know God is watching over me. But don’t pass over my cries. Take heed of my desires. Let my prayers pass the ceilings. Let my prayers be heard. Remove this veil that I wear daily. As shame hovers around my thoughts. Cleanse this reckless being. Cleanse this unsure being. And rebirth me anew once more.


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