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“No one is without troubles, without personal hardships and genuine challenges.  That fact may not be obvious because most people don’t advertise their woes and heartaches.  But nobody, not even the purest heart, escapes life without suffering battle scars.” ~Richelle E. Goodrich

This piece is dedicated to individuals going through life challenges. Whether it be a relationship, family, work, career, income, business, or just figuring out how to start all over. Remember to seek out support when you need to. Additionally, see yourself in a different light. You are an overcomer and not a victim of circumstances.


I can hear thunder beneath my breath

I can hear the movement in my chest

The sound of a heart

The sound of worry


The worst combination of emotions

Your eyes begin to play tricks

Creating images

Lies are replayed once more

As your mind wander


Do you know the sensation of waiting?


The noise is too light to acknowledge

You only stand still

Not knowing what awaits on the other side


Do you know the sensation of being looked upon?

An eye staring down at you

Cold palms touching lightly on your shoulders

A smoke array of words

Too thin to conceptualize


Do you know why I always feel tired?

I am distressed

I hold bowls of heartbreak

Memories torture me daily

Rest is not allowed

Sleep is brief


Do you know how it feels to lay at night?

But can’t find rest


Dear mother

Help me

Guide me


Copyright ©2017 Kihek productions

Does this resonate with you?

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