Cleanse me

“It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, to forgive. Forgive everyone” ~ Maya Angelou

I crave for a personal relationship with God, but each time I wish to be accepted as I am, I find fault. I am reminded of my weakness, of my nakedness to the world. Lord as I plead, hear my prayer.


Lord heal me of my addictions

For guilt has drenched my soul

Shame has become my middle name

As dirt fills my mind


I am pleading today

As your prodigal son

To rescue me

To aid me in this


How can I be free

From the voices that taunt me?

Hiding myself behind my sins

In your eyes, I pray for grace


Rewrite my story

And cut off this chains

I surrender my life

So that I too can overcome


Though I have fallen a thousand times

I know that your forgiveness is sure

Melt my shackles

And replace it with thy love



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