There are no limits. There are only plateaus. And you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” ~Bruce Lee

I had a moment where I felt frustrated. I had this rush of anger and worry on my current situation. It was as if I had not experienced any growth. All I could think of was to flush out my setbacks in words. And to remind myself to enjoy the process and not to hasten the destination.

Playing the music on the keyboard

In tune with the out pour of my soul

My heart is weeping

My mouth is heavy

Too much to carry


I can’t speak

Nor comprehend

The fog of my entity

Dust beneath my finger nails

Rippled smoke in my sight


I can’t see far

I don’t know how distant I am

From my dreams

From my desires


I feel my back bent over

Scraping the harvest

Seeds falling over

Crushed by the stones

Reaping no more


I feel confusion

Voices harboring

Creating a nest in my head


As I lay to rest

To feed off the silence in the night

Slumber becomes a privilege


I hear thunder of sorrows

Worlds I can’t control

Lungs Collapsed

Breathing shortened

One.. Two.. None


I see fear

Of what tomorrow may be

Visions of blood

Taste of regrets


I see shadows

They haunt me

They hold me in their arms

Nurture my doubts

Suckle me

Till my mind is trained


To believe

That this is it

This is all there is


I see progress in a diamond shape

I wear it on my chest

A reminder

That chaos too shall pass away



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